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In the next couple of weeks we will be doing some new advanced puzzles, such as Quadruped Align, Speed Match and a really exiting and controversial one: Beating Games 2k11 and 2k12. Please vote on the puzzles you are the most curious about. There will be prizes for those that are voted as number one, so if you want to be at the top of the list then please vote. I would also like to thank Farbrooke Puzzle, Magic Maze and Rambo. They have supported this site and have given me some great puzzles. Oh, and as it is Gunning Season, we will have a Gunning puzzle on the board on the 22nd of March. That's all for now, please vote on the puzzles that you want to be part of the site. Please comment on the puzzles and tell us which puzzles you would like to see on the site. I will continue to add more puzzles to the site and look forward to seeing you all on the site. Don't miss the exclusive new advanced puzzles we have made! Thanks for your support. Gunnyrocks Latest Entry 5th April 2012 Posted by You can find Gunnyrocks’s work on:Facebook Puzzles Twitter A new puzzle has arrived! Hello Everyone, A new puzzle has arrived and it is: Using a one word solution, create a 12x12 puzzle from: THE SMELL These puzzles are easy to solve, but can be more tricky then you think. If you feel you have a good chance of solving the puzzle then please send it in to us with the title: THE SMELL - SOLUTION We will let you know when it is accepted and you will get the solution. Enjoy the puzzles and see you soon! 15th January 2012 New Puzzle Gunnyrocks has recently given me a puzzle for you



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Puzzle Pirates Rigging Bot Cracked 14 femfre

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